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Soul City Institute for Health Development Communication

Soul City is a South African non-profit organisation that has been instrumental in placing the issue of alcohol abuse on the national agenda.

In 2007 the institute conducted a literature review that showed males are affected more than females; Young adults are the most common victims of fatal violence; the most common days for homicide are Saturdays followed by Sundays and more than half of the victims of fatal violence tested positive for alcohol.

In 2010, following extensive consultations with related organisations, the institute launched the Phuza Wize - Drink Safe Live Safe campaign, which aims to reduce violence by reducing access to alcohol and help communities become safer social spaces. The Soul City model for behaviour changes focuses on the individual, the community as well the socio economic and political environment to foster change. To achieve this, the institute utilises mass media, social mobilisation and advocacy.

Based on the WHO scientifically proven methods to reduce violence the campaign focused on Increasing safe, stable, and nurturing relationships between children and their parents and caregivers; Reducing the availability and misuse of alcohol; Improving life skills and enhancing opportunities for children and youth; Promoting  gender equality and empowering women and changing cultural norms that support violence.