About us

Advocacy in Action


Using traditional and new media platforms, SAAPA challenges the status quo, expose industry tactics e.g., SAB “beers for Africa”, provide training for journalists on alcohol and its harm e.g., Zambia and Botswana, lobby for evidence-based policies whilst encouraging ordinary people to put their voice behind the call on government to put public health and people first.


Guided by health promotion principles, SAAPA actively engages and mobilisescivil society organisations from the children’s rights, development, environment, gender, health, road safety, violence prevention sectors to support and integrate evidence-based alcohol policy advocacy as part of their mandate for development and social justice.

Capacity strengthening

SAAPA is a platform to share and exchange information, identify training opportunities, accompany and motivate proponents of evidence-based alcohol policies.

Our Values

– Advance public health
– Promote collective action
– Be accountable
– Remain autonomous
– Respect gender and diversity
– Promote development and transformation
– Advocate for no association with the industry and its associates

Our Expertise

Staff and volunteers are equally valued and jointly shape the work of the organisation. The skills set within SAAPA ranges from materials development, journalism, campaigning, public health, organisational development, community development, law, treatment, psycho-social support and many more.

Our History

On 8 November 2012, SAAPA was established at the inaugural Southern African Alcohol Policy Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Attending the forum were delegates selected from civil society organizations from the following regional countries; Namibia, Malawi, Madagascar, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho and South Africa as well as organisations from Kenya, Sierra Leone, Sweden and Norway. The purpose of the forum was to build competence on the alcohol situation on both a local and a global level, exchange policy and prevention work experience and discuss a closer regional collaboration.

The Forum was organised by the two Norwegian NGOs FORUT and Blue Cross together with the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance. Co-sponsors were the WHO Regional Office for Africa, the Medical Research Council of South Africa, International Blue Cross (IFBC) and The African Journal of Drug and Alcohol Studies.

South African Development Community (SADC)

SAAPA is influenced by the SADC’s Protocol on Health which acknowledges that the health of a population contributes to the development of a nation.

SAAPA views SADC and its related health and development oriented policies as a guide for the kind of issues and linkages that governments in the region should employ in the development of evidence -based alcohol policies.  

SAAPA endeavours to engage respective governments in the region to influence in-country policy development and implementation as well as lobbying for a SADC alcohol protocol that would support in-country policies.

We represent countries in Southern Africa

Philip Chimponda

SAAPA Regional Board Chair

Aadielah Maker Diedericks

SAAPA Secretary General

Prisca Mokgadi

SAAPA Botswana chairperson

Thabo Mokhutsoane

SAAPA Lesotho Board Chairperson

Mothobi Molefi

SAAPA Lesotho Liaison officer

Willemina Mberira

SAAPA Namibia Interim Chairperson

Irene Kauzuu

SAAPA Namibia Liaison Officer

Maurice Smithers

SAAPA South Africa Director

Bongi Ndondo

SAAPA South Africa Interim Chairperson

Chief Masimba Biriwasha

SAAPA Zimbabwe Chairperson

Tunga Zimonte

SAAPA Zimbabwe coordinator

Jonas Ngulube

SAAPA Zambia coordinator