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Who is SAAPA

A collaboration of civil society organisations across Southern African countries, SAAPA, is a network which aims to promotes the harmonisation and acceleration of evidence-based alcohol policy development and implementation in the region.
Promoting health and well-being

The regulation of the availability, price and marketing of alcohol can create environments that shape social norms. Reduced drinking by individuals can result in less harm to the self and others. 60% of citizens in Southern Africa do not drink alcohol. Promoting these policy changes as advocated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is fundamental towards shifting the ‘binge drinking’ culture amongst drinkers, reduce the cost of alcohol-attributable harm to society and protecting the well-being of all citizens in Southern Africa.

Promoting evidence-based policy regulation

SAAPA argues for the advancement of public health based on current and emerging evidence. Lessons from other countries should inform the efforts of governments in Southern Africa, individually and collectively. This knowledge should be used to strengthen policies and regulations that acknowledge cross border production, distribution, marketing and trade of alcohol in the pursuance of better health for all citizens.

Our Campaigns

Stop alcohol sales at petrol stations in SA

This ‘convenient’ offer is driven by the company’s need to drive customers to their petrol stations and make more profit.

Put people before profit

South Africans are currently being infected by the COVID-19 virus at a rate alarmingly higher than during the first wave, with many of those affected requiring hospitalisation.

Weaving a memory quilt

The concept of a memory quilt is to put a human face to the statistics of children, women and men who have died due to alcohol related reasons.

Our Partners

SAAPA partners with organisations globally and on the African continent to advocate for evidence-based alcohol policies

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