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Research & Resources
Future Trends in Alcoholic Drinks: Positioning, Gender and Alternative Financing Models
Analyst Insight by Spiros Malandrakis - Senior Alcoholic Drinks Analyst
Opening & closing hours
A collection of articles and research on opening and closing hours of alcohol outlets from around the world and how this contributes to consumption levels.
Alcohol outlet density
Research and information on alcohol outlet density
Alcohol and the road
Information on alcohol and its link to road deaths
Stories from communities
Stories and anecdotes from different communities around the region
Alcohol and sport
Alcohol and sport
SAAPA stakeholder presentations made to governments, organizations and local and international conferences
WHO reports
Alcohol related - research and reports by the World Health Organization (WHO)
Alcohol policy
Alcohol policy information and research
Country research
Information and research
Alcohol advertising
Alcohol advertising
The cost of harmful alcohol use in South Africa
An analysis of the economic costs associated with alcohol-related harms as important measures with which to inform alcohol management policies and laws in South Africa. The study was conducted by Richard Gregory Matzopoulos, Sarah Truen, Brett Bowman, Joanne Corrigall and published in the South African Medical Journal - 2013
Global brewers target Africa to boost profits