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ASA rules that cider ad is misleading and not honest

The South African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA) welcomes the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa’s ruling that found that TOPS SPAR Apple Cider advert

“THERE ARE 36 APPLES IN A GALLON OF CIDER THAT’LL KEEP THE DOCTOR AWAY. GOOD CIDER GOOD ADVICE” was not honest and misleading to consumers and violated the basic code as set out by ASA.  Clearly the advert intended to equate the idea that consuming cider- and lots of it - has medicinal value. The advert implied that above the health limit drinking is ok because the main ingredient of cider is a natural product promoted by health professionals. It also played on a generally accepted social message from parents to children. Alcohol advertising and sticking to the rules cannot be left to marketers of alcohol and needs more regulation!

SAAPA is encouraged that our existing state mechanisms hold industries accountable for their communications about products. SAAPA invites citizens to utilise these mechanisms and challenge advertising that is not telling the truth about alcohol products.

This kind of advertising would be prevented if we adopted the National Liquor Amendment Bill, Section 9 which provides for example no false or misleading advertising; no more pamphlets advertising alcohol; prohibits advertising on social media and company vehicles; no advertising within 100m of educational institutions and traffic circles and street corners. SAAPA also calls on government to release the Control of Marketing of Alcoholic Beverages Bill for public consultation so that citizens have a say in how alcohol is marketed in public spaces.

SAAPA is a network of civil society organisations, academics and researchers concerned about alcohol harm and advocates for more restrictive and health promoting alcohol policies.

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