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Alcohol Policy development

The Zimbabwean National Alcohol Policy initial discussions began in 2008, 6 drafts were made from six consultative meetings. A final draft was agreed on end of 2011 and is awaiting cabinet approval. However, despite the sincerity on the part of government, it is apparent that the alcohol industry played a significant role in the formulation of the draft alcohol policy for the country.

In 2014 after the SAAPA forum held in Gaberone, Botswana, Youth against Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (YADD) - a youth led Zimbabwean non-profit organisation that has been instrumental in placing the issue of alcohol abuse on the national agenda - following consultations with related civil society organisations came together to form a loose coalition which culminated in the formation of SAAPA Zimbabwe at a stakeholders workshop held in Harare in 2015.

SAAPA Zimbabwe intends to lobby for the enactment of an evidence-based public health centred alcohol policy free from the vested commercial interests of the alcohol industry in Zimbabwe.