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Consultations and Partnerships


Discussions were held with government departments, provincial offices, community leaders, liquor traders, educational institutions, youth groups as well as liquor authorities in all nine provinces. The national policy was outdated and most provinces had existing alcohol policies which had not been reviewed for decades. The mushrooming of unlicensed liquor outlets and easy access to alcohol at all hours particularly in residential areas, were just some of the challenges raised by the campaign.


In an attempt to change the social norm around alcohol consumption and advocate for safer communities, Soul City partnered with other local organisations and government. The aim of this partnership was to have a broad civil society engagement and activism which focused on reducing alcohol related violence. This partnership would support the objectives of the Phuza Wize Campaign which were:

  • to create an enabling environment that facilitates increased community activism in creating safe, stable and non-violent drinking environments;
  • change knowledge, attitudes and norms around drinking alcohol in South Africa and
  • to increase community knowledge on the harmful effects of alcohol and its impact on interpersonal violence.