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Alcohol in Madagascar

Madagascar is in the introductory phase of its advocacy campaign conducting research on related issues.

A recent publication by the Malagasy Institute of Public Health suggests that 59% of teens consumed alcohol during the last 12 months, and 45% drank during the last 30 days . This research also shows that most young adults (18-25) drink alcohol on a regular basis and that a third of the respondents typically consume six standard units of alcohol on one occasion, which is typically considered as heavy episodic drinking. The three most popular alcoholic beverages in Madagascar are beer, rum and the cheaply available and illegally home brewed Toaka Gasy, according to the Malagasy Public Health Institute.

A Madagascar report monitored alcohol marketing in and around Antananarivo in October 2013. To assess the status of alcohol marketing in Madagascar, EUCAM monitored online, print and outdoor media. The main  findings were:

  • Alcohol retailers and bars frequently break the law by placing their establishment within a 150 meter radius of religious buildings, educational institutions, hospitals and etc.
  • Alcohol advertisers frequently break the law by using image advertising, instead of using merely
  • product information.
  • In outdoor areas on average 48.4 alcohol ads were identified per 0,25 km2.
  • Alcohol ads are twice as likely to be found around schools, compared to other places.
  • Online, claims were identified suggesting that light alcoholic beverages can be consumed by any member of the family.
  • Analysis of print media frequently identified unofficial ways of marketing (editorial content,
  • sponsorship of events and sports, as well as job offerings).

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