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Stakeholder engagement

The alliance met with a number of stakeholders as part of the lobbying process with discussions held at all levels of the community. Others were open to reducing accessibility however others raised concerns.

These included:

  • The realization that abuse by young people impacts negatively on the country’s development and good strategies were needed to implement the policy
  • The proposed 21 years old age limit was queried as 18 years old, youth can get a driver’s license, vote, and get married? The alliance clarified health concerns for young people who drink under the age of 21
  • Some Lesotho Correctional Services staff thought increasing the age and restricting places of drinking was against human rights
  • Participant highlighted a local saying, supported by posters, that it is better to drink beer than milk as a man may grow udders
  • A popular beer brand had set up a congratulatory birthday message for his majesty the King. Participants realized that the billboard, although supporting the royal birthday, could be construed that his majesty is a supporter of the brand. The corporate company rather than the specific brand should have branded the billboard.

A meeting was held with members of the Health and Social Development Commission of the Lesotho Council of Nongovernmental Organizations (LCN). Members feedback on the survey findings. A commitment was made by the committee to support the campaign in their respective constituencies. Members also signed the petition to government.

This engagement opened up debate and discussion around alcohol related issues in Lesotho/ The concerns raised also gave the alliance a framework of which issues will be further researched.