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The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance

The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance is a developing network of non-governmental organizations and people working in public health agencies that share information on alcohol issues and advocate for evidence-based alcohol policies.


FORUT is a Norwegian development organisation established in 1981 by three NGOs specialising in alcohol and drug prevention; IOGT Norway, Juvente and Juba. FORUT’s activities are financed through fund-raising campaigns and grants from the Norwegian government. FORUT has project activities in Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Zambia.

Blue Cross Norway

Blue Cross  Norway, established in 1906, is a deaconal and inter-denominational organization working in the field of treatment and prevention of alcohol and drug probems. The Blue Cross has 50 local institutions in Norway offering treatment,education, housing services, job training, counselling and social networks. The organisation was originally established in Switzerland in 1877 and has grown to become an international movement. or

World Health Organisation Regional Office for Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the specialized United Nations agency for global health matters. The mandate of the Organization is defined by its Member States in the Constitution adopted in 1946 that determines the objectives and functions of the Organization, its membership and its organs. The WHO African Region is one of the six regions of WHO.

Medical Research Council

The South African Medical Research Council’s mission is to improve the nation’s health and quality of life through promoting and conducting relevant and responsive health research. The Council is supported by the Department of Health and the Department of Science and Technology.